MWB IT Solutions

MWB GROUP SA has just launched a new IT division that seeks to address and provide open source (LINUX) technological solutions for a number of organisations. The initiative came about as a result of identifying lack of open source solutions that are geared to address business challenges, that are faced by a number of organizations today. The division is led by highly qualified and experienced Open Source experts who have over the years acquired massive experience by participating in key projects. Our engineers have the right know how and educational background to help you realize the full potential of your business by making open source technology work for, ensuring that you focus on what matters most, pleasing your customer.
Open Source Technology
Today Open Source software has become popular; Linux is considered the most popular UNIX-Like operating system in the world. Linux has over the years been used as a platform for running mission-critical system by big organization, this is because Linux excels in many areas, ranging from end-user concerns such as stability, speed, and ease of use, to serious concerns such as development and networking. Many organisations prefer to use Linux to run the entire organisations network, Linux offers tools that make it possible to host large applications that are accessed by a large number of users without having any negative impact on the system. This is because Linux is known for not utilizing the computer’s entire memory, but using only what is required for the processes running on the system.
MWB IT offers world class services in open source as we proud our selves with a team of highly skilled engineers and experts, who are dedicated, motivated and always happy to be of service to you. Our engineers will not rest until they have a solutions that works for you and your business.

Here is a list of services offered by us:

Infrastructure Design and Implementation
Our Infrastructure Engineers have the expertise to design, implement and support complex mission-critical infrastructure that is both robust nd secured. Clients who require infrastructure to host a number of servers using open source technology can be guaranteed of a quality services that conforms to worlds best standards and practices. Servers we specialize in: Apache Web Server, MySQL Database Server, Kannel SMS Gateway, Postfix Mail Server, BIND9 DNS Server, CISCO Firewall, and etc.
Network Design, Implementation and Support
MWB IT offers networking services for a number of clients that have offices they need to network (LAN- Local Area Network) Our technicians posses the required skills to assemble a network to address your business needs, this is done professionally. Based on the SLA agreement we are able to support your network ensuring that you get the best out of it and always online thus making your business excel in what it does. to share resources.
Web Application Development
Today's business rely on mission-critical applications, that are designed to help organnisation automate most of their daily business processes. MWB IT has developers who have extensive and practical experience in web development technologies and developing applications that help business leaders making decisions better with more accurate, timely, frequent information at a click of a button. Technologies used for development: PHP, Java, J2EE and etc
ICT Training
MWB IT has qualified and registered assessors who are accredited by ISETT SETA. Our goal is to offer corporate training in ICT unit standards, to help users understand systems better and use them with more confidence and accurate application of each package. Our training have spent years in training in a number of institutions, this making them ideal for providing the best ICT training to our users.