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We Are a:

»  100% Black owned firm
»   Broad Based Black Women owned Empowerment Company
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Our Mission To become the world's leading LED lighting provider in South Africa.
Our Vision To empower South African Government, Businesses and Communities with led light Technology.

MWB LED Lighting is a division of MWB group, the company is a Broad Based Black Women owned Empowerment Company founded in 2005, as a high-tech private enterprise devoted to R&D and production of a wide range of LED Lighting in South Africa. MWB LED Lighting - Develops Environmentally Friendly Lighting Solutions. Light and nature has always supplied us, through sun light, with the light and energy we need for our everyday activities. Today we are finally able to use a light source in harmony with natural light, which respects and protects the environment and saves energy, to create a sustainable future for the world. We are lighting designers, manufacturers and suppliers. We specialize in the application of LED light technology for interior and exterior installations for both illumination and decoration. Our operating principle is to provide intelligent solutions, well designed, innovative, quality manufactured LED lighting products, many of which are designed and manufactured by ourselves right here in South Africa. MWB LED Lighting is a specialized LED lighting provider for indoor/outdoor spaces in hospital, restaurant, office, school, streets & hotel as well as residential spaces at home. MWB LED Lighting is committed to delivering LED leading technology, high quality LED lighting and associated products which meet the highest possible technical standards, and that ensures safety, reliability, and value for money for the users. To achieve this, we have a reasonable team of management and a team of staff members.

We believe in providing world class customer service and therefore we have a qualified and experience team that is ready to serve your need using the highest service delivery standards.
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